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Monterone Castle in Perugia, Umbria

Monterone Castle has been called a "book of stone", embellished as it is by a wide variety of ancient fragments embedded in the walls, belonging to different periods, from the Etruscan to Roman times, from the medieval period to the Renaissance.
One of the many inscriptions in the Castle seems to confirm the tradition that the membership of this structure to the order of the Templars.
A wonderful historical building that will host your wedding reception in a charming and relaxed atmosphere,for a perfect wedding in every aspect.
The interior rooms are beautiful still preserving the ancient vaulted ceilings providing a sober and elegant environment. The bar, with a large fireplace and remarkable frescoes attributed to the painter Matteo Tassi, is a unique and exclusive room that will surprise your guests.
In summer season you can enjoy the shade of the cloister and the panoramic terraces where it is possible to host an unforgettable outdoor reception.

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